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Ubuntu Workshop at Cloud Expo April 23, 2009  - Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) has been released today bringing highly interesting new features, specially in the Cloud Computing and Virtualization area. The new Ubuntu server distribution includes two complementary cloud tools, OpenNebula and Eucalyptus, so providing the technology required to build the three types of Cloud architectures, namely private, hybrid and public clouds. Eucalyptus can be used to transform an existing infrastructure into an IaaS public cloud, being compatible with Amazon’s EC2 interface. Eucalyptus is fully functional with respect to providing cloud-like interfaces and higher-level cloud functionality for security, contextualization and image management. OpenNebula, on the other hand, is a virtual infrastructure engine that enables the dynamic and scalable deployment and re-placement of grou... (more)

Environmental Pressures Driving an Evolution in File Storage

Stagnant budgets, overwhelming data growth, and new user and application demands, are just a few of the many challenges that are putting IT organizations under more pressure today than ever before. As a result, a new approach is required. The session being given by Hitachi Data Systems' Jeff Lundberg at next month's 12th Cloud Expo | Cloud Expo New York [June 10-13, 2013] will discuss why object storage based private cloud is necessary for evolving into a next-generation of IT that supports a new world of applications and storage service delivery models. Attendees will learn to: Embrace cloud while retaining proper stewardship and governance of data Deliver better, more cost effective protection of your data Bring structure to unstructured data so it can be better understood Enjoy more efficient storage and network utilization Speaker Bio: Jeff Lundberg is senior pr... (more)

Cloud Computing Could Save Hawaii Schools Big Bucks

A news report in the Hawaii Star Bulletin reports that if the state converted to cloud computing, it could cut its capital investment by about 60% to 70% through eliminating the need for costly information technology (IT) purchase, maintenance and upgrades. Take the Aloha state’s Department of Education, and theorize that it spends $25 million on IT and $40 million on electricity (I don’t know if those are really the numbers.) “Assume half (nighttime/weekend usage) of that electricity is for servers, air conditioners for servers, computers, printers, copiers and electronic devices that schools don’t shut off when they go home,” says the Star Bulletin. “Power-management software will turn those off, cutting electricity use.” One vendor, GreenIt, estimates that among the 30,000 PCs in Hawaii’s 170 schools, DOE’s program could save it up to $2.5 million every year. C... (more)

An Inconvenient Truth: Free Up Market Forces to Tackle Climate Change

It was former Presidential Candidate and founder of Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Ross Perot who famously said “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” A quote which may strike resonance with the world’s politicians as they continue to wrestle with the major challenge of setting a global green agenda whilst battling tough economic conditions. President Obama’s second term inaugural speech certainly won plaudits for his determination to tackle climate change, his powerful statements deliberately pitched to be emotive on a global stage, whilst reassuring an American nation still reeling from the effects of hurricane Sandy. “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” And “Some may still deny the overwhelming judgm... (more)

Cloud Brings Foreign IT Spending to U.S.

U.S.-based corporations and government agencies have been shipping application development work to offshore IT services providers for years. Now, thanks to cloud computing, foreign companies are starting to bring their business to providers of data center services located in this country, according to an article at Case in point: Grupo Posadas, a hotel company in Mexico that relies on five data centers to support more than 17,000 guest rooms in over 100 hotels. Grupo Posadas IT personnel run three of those data centers. The other two are run by outsourcing partners. By moving some operations to the cloud, the Posadas IT group will have more time to focus on developing mobile and social networking tools that could help the business grow, he added. "Our IT strategy is aligned to our growth, and our growth means that we need to be flexible and agile,... (more)

Energy Efficiency in Virtualized Distributed Environments

OGF has released the June, 2009 issue of GridConnections with a summary of the OGF25 Workshop on GreenIT chaired by Ian Osborne, OGF Vice President of Enterprise. One of the aims of the workshop was to develop a reference model for the management of energy efficiency in virtualized distributed environments. The agenda included a presentation about "VM Management for Green Data Centers with the OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine". The talk presented and demonstrated a first prototype of the functionality provided by the OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine to reduce energy demands through consolidation and dynamic management of virtual machines across a distributed infrastructure. OpenNebula provides a framework for the implementation of a reference model for the management of energy efficiency in virtualized distributed environments; monitoring energy att... (more)

Green IT: How Infrastructure as a Service Can Lead to 80% Energy Savings

The data center industry, especially cloud providers, has recently been in the spotlight for massive power consumption. For example, if the industry were a country, it would be in the Top 15 users of energy, somewhere between Spain and Italy. The 30+ Gigawatts pushed through data centers across the globe has a far-reaching impact, including on the enterprise bottom line. Electricity isn't cheap and, to top it off, analyst firm IDC estimated un-utilized server capacity as equal to $140 billion, more than 20 million servers and 80 million tons of CO2 per year. Yet, using virtualization technology in a public or private cloud scenario to run many instances of operating systems simultaneously on the same piece of hardware can lead to up to 80% efficiency. Pair this with Infrastructure as a Service or cloud computing models where virtualization is the norm, and the pote... (more)

Must-See Technologies at DoDIIS

The Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) conference is held once a year by the Defense Intelligence Agency technology leadership team. This is an incredible event full of information-packed presentations and social sessions.  One of its greatest features is a expo floor with 100′s of technologies available for demonstrations and evaluations. That great feature has become so popular and there are so many tech firms there that it has become impossible to see them all during the conference. Because of our background in technology in this field we are frequently asked which firms and technologies should be focused on during the event and have prepared a list below of our recommendations. First a word on our methodologies:  We continually scour a wide variety of sources to track emerging technologies. Our methods include scouring the internet... (more)

Platform-as-a-Service Offerings Grow in the Cloud

Add another fill-in-the-blank-as-a-service that's making waves in the cloud. Verizon, which just recently launched a major overhaul to its cloud platform, announced plans to integrate the VMware/EMC-backed Cloud Foundry open-source platform-as-a-service (PaaS) initiative into its offering, according to an article on Here's why that news is important: the PaaS market is getting awfully crowded, awfully fast. Seen by many as a secondary player in the cloud compared to the much larger and more robust IaaS and SaaS markets, the PaaS industry has in recent months become a focus for many of the leading cloud computing vendors. PaaS could be an important initiative in the cloud because of what it enables. Most PaaS are a cloud-based application development platform used to build apps that are hosted in the cloud. Others view the PaaS market, especially ... (more)

How to Save Money While Doing Green IT

There have been a flurry of "green cloud" announcements recently, and that got us thinking about the relationship between green IT and saving money. Green is also the color of money, after all, and companies are discovering that reducing data center costs leads to substantial green benefits. The cloud takes cost reduction and green even further. In the first announcement, IBM continues to innovate in cloud and in green, and it has patented technology for distributing compute workloads for cloud computing in a way that reduces power consumption. I'd liken it to a load balancer, but instead of trying to reduce response times, they're trying to reduce power utilization overall. Now, it's really interesting because this is not just a green initiative but it is also a cost-savings opportunity for cloud service providers. Power consumption is a major cost driver for cloud... (more)

BrightTALK Hosts Five-Day Green Week Summit Series

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 04/15/10 -- WHAT: Week-long Green Week Summit Series hosted by BrightTALK™ At this free, interactive webcast series, thought leaders from around the world will discuss the best ways to capitalize on the "green" movement. Experts will explain how to leverage sustainable business practices to enhance corporate image, generate cost savings, and improve operating efficiency. Each day focuses on a particular topic: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Green IT, Water Management, Data Center Efficiency, Green Building, and Environmental Regulation & Compliance. The global presenter lineup will include case studies, best practice advice, innovative solutions, and roundtable panel presentations from leading organizations including Adobe, Best Buy, BCS, Business for Social Responsibility, Cisco, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Coca... (more)